Body guarding for personal protection is one of the options that are available when threats may be imminent.

We can guarantee a short time of appearance, around the clock, if the situation demands it. Our work is performed in close co-operation with the police and other authorities when necessary. Our body guarding services derive from a risk analysis which in turn determines how the protection is exercised around the principal. The protection can be dormant and thus be activated if the need arise.

Zeus Security Services has experience of body guarding for celebrities, VIPs and representatives from commercial life as well as individuals.

For Zeus Security Services to undertake the service of protecting private persons, a contract must be formed between the parties. In the contract, we closely examine which rules and conditions that must be followed for us to be able to provide the service. Zeus Security Services must have access to all information about the possible threat in advance to be able to consider the circumstances at hand and make sure that these are legitimate in order to provide the best service.