Money Transfer Service

Zeus Security Services offer a variety of money transfer services, our fully integrated approach gives businesses a better view of cash handling activities with accurate, secure and detailed information that can be used to quickly identify issues and correct them before they escalate into costly problems. More importantly, businesses are better positioned to adapt quickly and expertly to changes in the business environment.

Cash management is complex, but Zeus Security Services money transfer is designed to flex and conform to the way businesses really operate.

Managing cash can be one of the most important aspects of a retail business, especially at stores that handle large volumes of currency. It can also be one of the most challenging.

From the time a consumer pays for goods or services to the time the retailer’s cash is safely deposited in the bank, receipts are vulnerable to shrinkage, external theft and mishandling. And, there are costs for counting, verifying, reconciling and transporting cash, making effective cash management critical to retail business success.

Working with leading firms in Cyprus, Zeus Security Services understands the challenges retailers face and has created solutions customized for the retail environment and designed to optimize cash logistics from the point of sale to deposit and reconciliation.