The Alarm Signal Receiving Center of Zeus Security is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware. It features digital, analog and VoIP (voice over IP) phone lines, while connected to the internet through the center line of AVMap. The staff members receiving the alarm signals are accredited and highly experienced members of Zeus Security, who evaluate and act accordingly, in order to ensure security information management and proper evaluation of signals (separation of false signals, risk assessment) for proper prioritization of actions to be taken.

In collaboration with the experienced installation staff of Zeus, the Alarm Signal Receiving Center fully leverages the clients’ alarm system, providing many functions additional to the usual.

Type of signals

  • Burglary and positioning (band)
  • Alarm disarm (timeout or disarming)
  • User identification (based on different access codes) System arm / disarm
  • Alarm disarm under threat (threat code)
  • Panic (from keyboard or panic button)
  • Call for medical help
  • Call for fire
  • Signal from fire sensor
  • Signal from periodic monitoring of proper telephone line operation
  • Signal after line reset
  • Zones excluded (bypass) when arming the alarm
  • Unauthorized access to parts of the alarm
  • Power outage and restoration
  • Battery backup system status

Operators’ actions

Upon receiving an alarm signal, operators conjointly control the alarm zones and assess the level of risk. If the signal comes from using the alarm keyboard, the panic button or the fire sensors, then the signal receives the out most priority. The actions which follow based on the protocol required and the company – client contract are:

  • Contact the Police or call the duty officer of the nearest Police Department
  • Κλήση της Πυροσβεστικής, ή του ΕΚΑΒ
  • Contact the Fire Brigade, a first aid ambulance or the Zeus Security Supervisor and based on the company – customer contract, activate first responders
  • Contact the emergency call individuals indicated by the customer
  • Report on the actions enforced by the Police, the Fire Brigade or First Aid response

Additional Features of the Alarm Signal Receiving Center

The Alarm Signal Receiving Center, by making use of state-of-the-art platform software is also able to provide:

  • Direct information about the events and an assessment of the actual situation
  • Information about the security system handling and operation of each customer
  • Signal and actions status report by mail, fax or e-mail, on a weekly or monthly basis
  • An archive of signals and actions for up to 9 months
  • Daily monitoring system status and alarm information report on problems tackled
  • Remote programming of most types of alarm

Alarm Signal Receiving Center