S.P Security Services provides specialist VIP protection services. Our highly trained and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) are deployed to assignments in Cyprus.

S.P Security Service officers regard themselves as executive protection specialists. Our members operate on a principle of ‘always present but seldom noticed’.

Our professionals firmly believe that the criteria for successful VIP protection is based on solid planning – advanced preparations, route reconnaissance,threat assessments and conflict avoidance.

Our VIP Protection services provide a holistic approach to close protection. Essentially, this means that every conceivable aspect that could or would impact on the health, wealth, reputation and safety of our client (principal), is dealt with in a suitable manner.

Transportation, routes and destinations are carefully analysed and all conceivable risks are identified and adequate plans are made and put in place. Residential and hotel security is considered and, where needed, the principal is advised.

A growing concern for property protection of your business or private residence is theft, vandalism and privacy

These experiences are stressful and can leave you vulnerable at the place you should feel safe.

When you choose Zeus Security Services you get professional and highly trained and certified property protection guards able of delivering you with the level of security and property protection that fits your business or residential needs.

Zeus Security Services guards can provide security presence in areas such as luxury private residencies, car parks, hotels, construction sites, , shopping centers, banks and unoccupied buildings.

Property Protection guards protect property by maintaining a visible presence to deter unlawful or disruptive actions. They monitor indicators of crime either directly with patrols or by monitoring alarm systems and CCTV video cameras.

Varied duties of property protection guards include (but are not limited to):

  • Emergency Response.
  • CCTV security / video monitoring.
  • Police, first aiders and company management.
  • Access control
  • Patrolling.
  • Identity checks
  • Deterring/restraining or escorting uninvited people from the guarded premises.

Clients are provided details to our control room and can make direct contact with the property protection guard on duty.