Despite our wide range of security services at Zeus Private Security Ltd we are also able to provide you the latest and most advance security and protection systems and deliver for you the best technical support regarding them.

Alarm Signal Receiving Center

The Alarm Signal Receiving Center of Zeus Security is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware. It features digital, analog and VoIP (voice over IP) phone lines, while connected to the internet through the center line of AVMap. The staff members receiving the alarm signals are accredited and highly experienced members of Zeus Security, who evaluate and act accordingly, in order to ensure security information management and proper evaluation of signals (separation of false signals, risk assessment) for proper prioritization of actions to be taken.

In collaboration with the experienced installation staff of Zeus, the Alarm Signal Receiving Center fully leverages the clients’ alarm system, providing many functions additional to the usual.

Type of signals

  • Burglary and positioning (band)
  • Alarm disarm (timeout or disarming)
  • User identification (based on different access codes) System arm / disarm
  • Alarm disarm under threat (threat code)
  • Panic (from keyboard or panic button)
  • Call for medical help
  • Call for fire
  • Signal from fire sensor
  • Signal from periodic monitoring of proper telephone line operation
  • Signal after line reset
  • Zones excluded (bypass) when arming the alarm
  • Unauthorized access to parts of the alarm
  • Power outage and restoration
  • Battery backup system status

Operators’ actions

Upon receiving an alarm signal, operators conjointly control the alarm zones and assess the level of risk. If the signal comes from using the alarm keyboard, the panic button or the fire sensors, then the signal receives the out most priority. The actions which follow based on the protocol required and the company – client contract are:

  • Contact the Police or call the duty officer of the nearest Police Department
  • Κλήση της Πυροσβεστικής, ή του ΕΚΑΒ
  • Contact the Fire Brigade, a first aid ambulance or the Zeus Security Supervisor and based on the company – customer contract, activate first responders
  • Contact the emergency call individuals indicated by the customer
  • Report on the actions enforced by the Police, the Fire Brigade or First Aid response

Additional Features of the Alarm Signal Receiving Center

The Alarm Signal Receiving Center, by making use of state-of-the-art platform software is also able to provide:

  • Direct information about the events and an assessment of the actual situation
  • Information about the security system handling and operation of each customer
  • Signal and actions status report by mail, fax or e-mail, on a weekly or monthly basis
  • An archive of signals and actions for up to 9 months
  • Daily monitoring system status and alarm information report on problems tackled
  • Remote programming of most types of alarm

Fire Detection

Fire Detection Systems are considered necessary for any space , either residential or business providing safety in case of fire , saving lives , labors of a lifetime but also ensuring of your future .

Our company is exclusive representative of companies Notifier , System Sensor, Advanced Electronics and Fenwal, companies of Honeywell group , which are the world’s leading manufactures in addressable and conventional fire detection systems & systems for commercial applications .

ADOS of Germany, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of gas analysis and warning systems, ADOS gas warning systems can be used for sensing numerous toxic and explosive, organic and inorganic gases, both as fixed and portable systems.

Alarm Systems

For alarm systems we provide flexibility to meet the most demanding areas (gardens, balconies, terraces) via wired systems or wireless sensors, touch screens or fingerprint scanning screens. The wide range of products is based on microwave and infrared receivers, laser ray grids, volume detectors, weight sensors, etc.

The Zeus Security technical staff will advise you on the matter of identifying and separating zones, the ability to use various different codes, such as ambush codes, silent alarm, panic remote control / ambush and other security features.


Our deep knowledge and experience, combined with the state-of the – art and highly reliable product range offered guarantee professional solutions tailored to customers’ needs and specifications.

Honeywell Security video systems pertain to digital video and CCTV systems, including equipment for specialized applications, such as financial and retail transaction verification systems, vehicle automatic plate recognition, etc.

NORBAIN besides being the home of Vista, the UK’s biggest selling brand of CCTV equipment, is also an authorized distributor for brands such as Baxall, Bewator, Bosch Security Systems, Computar, Cotag, Denard, HID, GBC, Molynx Videmech, Optex, etc.

Energy Saving Systems

The solutions offered cover the monitoring and control of simple to complex HVAC installations, lighting etc. Targeting to the optimal energy savings in a building offers solutions for the most efficient electric load management.

SmartHome Hometronic Hometronic by Honeywell is a wireless innovative system for domestic automation SmartHome used for the management and control of domestic installations. It is based on wireless RF technology, thus eliminating the need for cables and high-cost infrastructures.

Without the use of cables, Hometronic is suitable for new, as well as existing installations, without causing any damages. Hometronic offers the capability for the management and control of the central heating system, lighting, shutters or sunblinds,garage doors, irrigation and/or any other domestic electric appliances.

Hometronic is well combined with  security systems in a way that additional functionality is provided on both systems using the easy to use touch screen technology of the security systems. With Hometronic the energy consumption can be minimized while the optimal comfort, security and protection conditions are maintained. Products suitable for use in applications where simple automation is required Product categories

  • Thermostats (Simple- time-programmed – wireless)
  • Thermostats for Fan Coil Unit
  • Sensors
  • Valves  (Zone Valves – HVAC Valves)
  • Heat meters – Water volume meters
  • Electrical meters
  • Inverters

Conventional Automation in small HVAC applications Covers a wide range of applications in the field of automation of ’medium’ to ‘small’ scale HVAC installations in buildings like small offices, commercial shops, bank branch offices and houses. These are in general the most money efficient solutions that provide high functional reliability and at the same time reduce the relevant operating costs of the E/M installations under control (HVAC units, Heat Pumps, Hydraulic network controls, Fan Coil Unit controls etc).

Immediate response

If you are covered by the “Emergency Response” service, then the Zeus Security Center will receive your alarm signal in less than 1 minute. One of our patrol cars, properly equipped and with guards in uniform will arrive at your premises immediately (less than 10 minutes according to contracts signed), often much sooner than the police cars.

In the areas we cover, 75% of our patrol cars are parked and ready in strategic locations so they can operate and act immediately. The location selection and the number of patrol cars per region is provided by the Centre 3 times a day, taking into account local conditions, traffic congestion, customers’ emergency and special requirements (i.e. absence during holidays).

Our patrol cars intervention is substantial:

  • We use uniformed guards and officers of emergency response
  • We perform checks for potential intrusions, damage or other signs of burglary or forced entry
  • We handle your premises as high security areas
  • We collaborate with your security operators and emergency services
  • We gain access (invade) your space (if pre-agreed) and treat any incident