If you are covered by the “Emergency Response” service, then the Zeus Security Center will receive your alarm signal in less than 1 minute. One of our patrol cars, properly equipped and with guards in uniform will arrive at your premises immediately (less than 10 minutes according to contracts signed), often much sooner than the police cars.

In the areas we cover, 75% of our patrol cars are parked and ready in strategic locations so they can operate and act immediately. The location selection and the number of patrol cars per region is provided by the Centre 3 times a day, taking into account local conditions, traffic congestion, customers’ emergency and special requirements (i.e. absence during holidays).

Our patrol cars intervention is substantial:

  • We use uniformed guards and officers of emergency response
  • We perform checks for potential intrusions, damage or other signs of burglary or forced entry
  • We handle your premises as high security areas
  • We collaborate with your security operators and emergency services
  • We gain access (invade) your space (if pre-agreed) and treat any incident