The solutions offered cover the monitoring and control of simple to complex HVAC installations, lighting etc. Targeting to the optimal energy savings in a building offers solutions for the most efficient electric load management.

SmartHome Hometronic Hometronic by Honeywell is a wireless innovative system for domestic automation SmartHome used for the management and control of domestic installations. It is based on wireless RF technology, thus eliminating the need for cables and high-cost infrastructures.

Without the use of cables, Hometronic is suitable for new, as well as existing installations, without causing any damages. Hometronic offers the capability for the management and control of the central heating system, lighting, shutters or sunblinds,garage doors, irrigation and/or any other domestic electric appliances.

Hometronic is well combined with  security systems in a way that additional functionality is provided on both systems using the easy to use touch screen technology of the security systems. With Hometronic the energy consumption can be minimized while the optimal comfort, security and protection conditions are maintained. Products suitable for use in applications where simple automation is required Product categories

  • Thermostats (Simple- time-programmed – wireless)
  • Thermostats for Fan Coil Unit
  • Sensors
  • Valves  (Zone Valves – HVAC Valves)
  • Heat meters – Water volume meters
  • Electrical meters
  • Inverters

Conventional Automation in small HVAC applications Covers a wide range of applications in the field of automation of ’medium’ to ‘small’ scale HVAC installations in buildings like small offices, commercial shops, bank branch offices and houses. These are in general the most money efficient solutions that provide high functional reliability and at the same time reduce the relevant operating costs of the E/M installations under control (HVAC units, Heat Pumps, Hydraulic network controls, Fan Coil Unit controls etc).